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How to Keep a Distance from a Beautiful Girl

(EPUB) How to Keep a Distance from a Beautiful Girl




One day, the self-proclaimed “Selective Bocchi” Kusuba Ren, saves Tachibana Rika, a beautiful girl who is called “Takatsuki no Hana”, by chance.

Rika forced him to get paid back, but his relationship with Rika did not end there. Their favorite shop is the same, they have a mutual friend, and they live next to each other. No matter what they do. They are, apparently, always together.

“Why are you here…”

“That’s my line.”

However, as they continue their routine, they gradually open up their hearts to each other.

“Hey, let’s go home now.”

“I think Kusuba-san is a good person.”

“I want to be friends with Kusuba-san.”

A love story of two opposites who become friends and then…


Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shounen, Slice of Life.


Volume 1
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