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(EPUB) Flirting S*x Train: I Accidentally Got on the Women-Only Car and S*x is Allowed!?




Yota oversleeps and accidentally gets on a women-only car. He is afraid of being falsely accused of molestation and hurriedly tries to move to the next car, but there are many men in the women-only car and molestation is going on all over the car! What is more, the car is a women-only car where men who want to be molested and women who don't mind being molested gather together!

Erisa, Yuzuko, and Ryozu, who go to a nearby girls' school, seduce her and enjoy molesting her in a secret space where they can molest her with her consent! On the train after school, Erisa seduces him and gives him a hand job, then they have sex for the first time in a face-to-face standing position and even ejaculate vaginally!

The next morning, Yuzuko wanders into a regular train car and is pressed by Yuzuko, who hides in the crowded train and takes her virginity in a standing back position. However, the fact that he had sex with these girls was discovered by Ryozu, who had a crush on Yota, and ......!? At one point, Yota thinks she hates him, but he makes up for it by helping Ryou-ring, who is being picked on. She asks him out on a date on his day off, but the date takes place in a molester's car! He does as she asks, and she gives him her virginity in the style of an ekiben. Yota and Ryozu are now lovers, but Erisa and Yuzuko, who are envious of them, start messing around with them! What will happen to their love that started as a molestation?


Adult, Ecchi, Harem, Mature, School Life, R-18.


Volume 1
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