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(EPUB) Since I’ve Entered the World of RomCom Manga




I love romantic comedy mangas.

However…….. my favorite heroine is a sub-heroine, a loser heroine who will never be able to connect with the protagonist.

One day I was hit by a truck and woke up to find myself playing the role of the hero’s best friend in a romantic comedy manga.

Yeah, this is probably a dream. I’m dreaming about being hit by a truck.

In the scene where the hero’s best friend is talking alone with my favorite heroine, I possessed that best friend.

In the classroom alone with my favorite heroine……… All I have to do is to say it.

“I like you.”

“What? What are you suddenly saying……..?!”

“I’ll make you happy. I want you to go out with me.”


Because I was dreaming, I casually told her.

If this wakes me up from my dream, I won’t have any regrets…….

……Hey, I can’t wake up from my dream? It’s usually the next day, you know?

What, am I reincarnated as this character by any chance?

This is the story of how I make sure my favourite heroine is happy.


Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shounen, Slice of Life.


Volume 1


Volume 2
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