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(EPUB) I Became Friends with the Second Cutest Girl in My Class




I, Maehara Maki, someone who couldn’t make any acquaintances or friends in high school, finally had someone to hang out with outside of school. A girl.

Her name was Asanagi-san. The boys in my class called her ‘The class’ second cutest girl’ behind her back.

On Fridays, she would refuse her best friend, Amami, ‘the cutest girl in class’ invitation just to hang out in my house with me.

Together, we played games, watched some movies, read some manga while eating junk foods like pizza and hamburgers, and chugging cola without a care in the world. To others, we may seem sloppy, but it was a precious, secret time together for Asanagi-san and myself.


Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life.

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Volume 1

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