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(EPUB) I Can’t Believe That I, a Loner Who Records at Home, Am Going to Be the Ghostwriter for That Beautiful Genius Girl




“Could you give me one of your songs, Onuma-kun?”

This was the final wish of the former genius and beautiful girl who now couldn’t sing…

In his middle school years, Onuma Takuto found himself deeply inspired by a musical prodigy of the same age, the singer-songwriter Amane. This sparked a creative fire within him, prompting Takuto to start composing his own music.

However, his dreams were dashed when Amane suddenly went on hiatus after releasing just two debut singles.

Despite feeling disheartened, Takuto secretly continued his one-man-band (home recording) while in high school. Then, one day, during his second year of high school, Amane (Ichikawa Amane) unexpectedly enrolled as his classmate.

Through a twist of fate, Takuto becomes Amane’s ghostwriter…

Loner boy x “former” genius girl’s band’s youth school romantic comedy starts now!


Comedy, Drama, Harem, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life.


Volume 1
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