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Yayoi Can't Hide Secrets

(EPUB) Yayoi Can't Hide Secrets




That feeling you can’t hide – I love you.

“Satsuki-kun, you’re so cool ……” I heard such a voice in my mind.

Yayoi has a reputation on campus for being beautiful, but she is always alone and unsociable. I, Satsuki Fukase, who has psychometry ability, heard Yayoi’s voice in my mind one day.

However, despite my confusion, Yayoi had an even bigger secret.

Yayoi is an agent who lives in the underworld.

Yayoi is full of secrets and I, Satsuki knows her secret.

Can their hearts, which are so close and yet so far apart, overcome the barriers that psychometry alone cannot cross and come closer together?

A love comedy between Satsuki, who can hear the voice of the mind, and Yayoi, who hides her feelings from the world!


Comedy, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life, Supernatural.


Volume 1
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