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(EPUB) You Are the Daughter of My First Love




The high school girl he rescued closely resembled his first love.

A workaholic who is still reeling from his sorrowful first love and a high school girl who looks like the splitting image of that very person.

There is no forgiveness. There is no stopping it. His “second” first love starts――.

“I would like to repay you…… if you don’t mind.”

One night, while living a contented life as a working adult, Ichigo rescues Luna, a high school girl, from a drunkard. This girl looked like two peas in a pod with his first love, Sakura.

“Do you know my mother?”

He is made aware that Luna is Sakura’s daughter with the news that she has passed away. And then…I.

“Kugiyama-san, you were the person I’ve always admired in my heart, ──the person of my dreams.”

Luna confesses that she has always had a pang of longing for Ichigo from the memories Sakura had told her about.

“Could you please have me as your lover?”

“Your stories are always so interesting, Ichi.”

Ichigo is unable to forgive Luna, as she reminds him so much of the Sakura of those bygone days. He can’t stop it. He fell into first love for the second time.


Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life.


Volume 1


Volume 2


Volume 3
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