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(PDF) Hahaoya ga Ero Ranobe Taishou Jushou Shite Jinsei Tsunda




Life Is A Mess Since My Mom Won An Ero-Novel Grand Prize~ At Least Don’t Mess With Your Son’s Romantic Comedy!

My life is in hard mode because of my mother who loves me so much!

A mother-son incest Ero-Novel written by a mother, Mirei, was somehow able to win the grand prize, but for some reason, her son was the one who attended and received the reward? That’s ridiculous! Ahem! nevermind I mean it’s cliche. Furthermore, a current JK author who also won the award at the same time is also… yesh the MC’s crush.

To explain it further It’s a story about the MC’s life with a son-con mother who’s also an upcoming author for a sensual novel.


Comedy, Harem, Romance, School Life.


Volume 1
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