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(PDF) You’re the God of Rom-Com but You’re Interfering With My Romantic Comedy Life?




“Do you really like Tenshin Himari that much, Yuugo?”

“Yeah. I love Tenshin.”

“Why can’t it be someone like me? I’m beautiful and have big breasts. And I really, really love Yuugo! So please go out with me!”

“I’m sorry Tsukimiya. I can’t go out with you.”

“Oh, come on! Am I not good enough? Your feelings will never reach Tenshin. Because Yuugo, I will use all my power as the god of rom-com to stop you from confessing your love to Tenshin!”

“Do you really want to interfere with my love life that badly?”


“Instant response?”

“B-because…… I-I love you, Yuugo! So, you should hurry up and give up on that woman and f-fall in love with me!”


Comedy, Ecchi, Harem Romance, School Life, Shounen, Supernatural.


Volume 1
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